About Us

Gravity Factory is a 25,000-square foot recreational facility like no other. It is the first of its kind in Southeast Idaho and home of the only jump park with ninja warrior and parkour facilities.

Why we came to Rexburg

The owners of Gravity Factory grew up in the area and wanted to give back to the surrounding communities in a big way. Our vision is that people of all ages and backgrounds can find common ground in a fun environment. We want to provide the ultimate combination of fun and recreation for anyone who joins us at the factory.

We also know those winter winds can make enjoyable activities in short supply in the South East Idaho area; but not anymore! Date nights, family time, and Rexburg are never going to be the same.

What Gravity Factory can offer you

Ownership- We want this to be your facility. We paid for the facility, but you make it Gravity Factory.

Friendship- Our staff is committed to helping you in any way we can. We want to help you master skills like a dash vault or a back flip. We want help you smile. We know one of the best remedies to a bad day is to come jump with your friends at Gravity Factory.

Competition- Defying gravity is scary at times and never easy, but it does become easier when you have a friend to push you into your best. That is why we offer leagues for dodgeball and encourage you to bring your friends to make your experience better. And if nobody wants to come, our employees are not shy to a fair game.

Health- You can go through life living or you can LIVE your life. Your body is important to your happiness. But exercising can be hard sometimes because it feels like a chore. We can guarantee you that once you flop into the foam pit, fight on the battle beam, or leap through the ninja warrior course your exercise will be so fun you will never want to leave.

Your fun done your way

We want to give back to this community and be your friends in fun. Please submit suggestions on how we can better serve you below: